Key Benefits:

The Admix4trucks dispenser is constructed entirely from stainless steel to prevent corrosion and give maximium durability in the harsh environment that is construction.

The dispenser will currently hold up to 20 litres of additive. Larger capacity units are available to suit customers individual requirements, although care should be taken not to exceed the gross vehicle weight of the truck when carrying heavier mixes.

The digital interface allows the operator to dispense a controlled dose of additive into the mix. All additions are stored in memory and data may be downloaded to a PC via a USB or serial interface and saved to a spreadsheet. Over five thousand transactions can be stored in memory, after that the system will overwrite the oldest data.

Easy to install, the dispenser simply bolts onto the rear of the truckmixer and requires a 24 volt supply from the ignition. The delivery hose supplied with the unit is then routed along the water pipe of the mixer and into the loading chute.

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