Key Benefits

  • Improved Health and Safety

    Current methods of adding fibres usually involve a great deal of manual handling, first - carrying heavy boxes of fibre up into the mixer area, secondly – repeatedly negotiating numerous flights of stairs to place fibres into each mix. Storage of fibre boxes in mixer rooms often causes a hazard in what is generally a confined space. Boxes also become damaged by water, causing bags to split. The FIBERweigh™ eliminates all of these hazardous practices.

  • Quality Assurance

    Poorly dispersed fibre results in ‘clustering’ or ‘clumping’ of fibres, particularly in floor screeds. The FIBERweigh™ incorporates an innovative variable drive, which will ribbon-feed a continuous flow of fibres into the aggregates as they are discharged into the mixer. This way the product is totally dispersed with the aggregate before it even enters the mixer. Another major benefit of using the FIBERweigh, is that the volume of the loose fibre increases five fold by the time it exits the blower system, giving the fibre five times the surface area, thus vastly improving dispersion.

    There is absolutely no traceability of fibre addition when fibre bags are hand fed into the mix. FIBERweigh™ is totally compatible and able to interface with all types of proprietory software packages available in the industry. Fibre addition will be incorporated into the selected mix design, automatically batched and all addition recorded. Should the plant not already be automated, we offer an optional automatic batching controller, which will record data on a printer or datalogger. Logged data can be accessed using a standard USB data stick.

  • Reduced costs

    FIBERweigh™ will accurately batch the fibres to the required tolerances of EN 206-1. At present, where the delivery is not in full cubic metres the dose is normally rounded up to the nearest metre. More precise batching will represent a significant annual cost saving.

    Fibres can also be supplied in bulk bags, helping to reduce packaging and waste.


Holding hopper capacity: 100kgs (aprox, dependant on grade of fibre)
Weigh hopper capacity: 8000g
Resolution: 10g
Accuracy: ±10g
Discharge flowrate: Variable, < 6kg/min max.
Supply voltage: 415v, 50Hz
Dimensions: 1600W x 750D x 2500H (excluding stairs)
Paint finish: Dry powder coated, two colour.
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Latest FIBERweigh News

PWS are now firmly established as the market leaders for polyfibre dispensing systems in the UK

With the ever growing demand for extruded concrete barriers on our motorways, the FIBERweigh dispenser is proving a valuable tool to readymix concrete producers, as large amounts of construction fibres are required in the manufacture of slot drain channels and barrier walling.

Following the successful launch of our first FIBERweigh dispenser back in 2007 (See News Item - November 2007) we have now supplied systems for several major motorway projects in the UK;

  • M1 widening scheme J8,
  • M25 widening at J17
  • M25 widening at J29
  • A46 trunk road at Newark
  • M25 widening at J22
  • A421 Trunk Road at Bedford

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