Flowmeter Systems

All our dispensers are equipped with high accuracy flow meters and incorporate sensors to detect continuity of flow.

Our flowmeter dispensers can interface with and be controlled by your existing batch computer, alternatively we will supply a complete system and controller.

The digital controllers included with our flowmeter series come with a variety of options, from simple pulse counting to total electronic control with setpoints, including serial and analogue outputs.

Batch data can be stored in memory, downloaded to a PC via a USB or serial port and saved to a spreadsheet. Over five thousand batches can be stored in memory, after that the system will overwrite the oldest data.

Portable Dispensers

With the increasing awareness of Health and Safety issues, a range of portable admixture dosing systems has been designed by PWS, which removes the need to climb ladders on truck-mixers for the addition of site-mixed concrete additives.

This latest addition to our portfolio, is a portable system, incorporating a 'wand' which simply hooks into the truck's loading chute from ground level.

Our portable dispensers are 110v powered, or can be powered by compressed air - particularly useful where mains power is not available.

Many customers are also finding the portable dispenser an invaluable asset to keep on their batching plants. Where a special admixture is to be used for a one-off job, the portable unit can be used as a supplimentary admixture dispenser on the plant, instead of swapping or disabling one of the existing admixture lines.


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  • Single Line Flowmeter System
  • Three Line Flowmeter System
  • Four Line Flowmeter System
  • Portable Dispenser
Single Line Flowmeter System

Single Line Flowmeter System