Phoenix Weighing Services design and manufacture self-contained, semi-portable systems for storing and dispensing liquid microsilica.

Our Microsilica Management Systems include a (modified) bunded storage tank, usually 5000ltrs, pumping system with a built in agitator, digital batch controller with data logging or printing facility.

The bespoke control system continuously recirculates the contents of the tank at regular intervals on a 24 hour basis, keeping the microsilica suspended when not in use.

The system can be easily integrated into existing batching control systems as an additional admixture, alternatively we can supply our own digital batch controller for stand-alone operation.

The digital batch controller allows the operator to automatically dispense a controlled dose of microsilica into the mix. All additions are stored in memory and data may be downloaded to a PC via a USB or serial interface and saved to a spreadsheet. Over five thousand transactions can be stored in memory, after that the system will overwrite the oldest data.

Phoenix Weighing Services also provide a nationwide servicing, calibration and maintainance package for all their Microsilica Management Systems.

Installed Microsilica Management System at Basildon Plant

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