As the result of an enquiry from a major international tile adhesive producer, PWS have developed a new addition to our fibre dispensing range of products.

The system was designed not only to accurately weigh and dispense their unique micro-fibre product, but to also separate the fibres as they are fed into the high-speed batch blender.

PWS first designed and built a prototype separator unit which was trialled and evaluated on site.  After a successful trial period and subject to a few tweaks, an order was placed for two full systems.

The bespoke dispensers were carefully designed to squeeze into a tight space above the batch blenders with little room to spare.  A bespoke control panel was provided to make the system user-friendly for the plant operators, incorporating fail-safe controls for seamless production.

Over the next few months PWS will be working hard to broaden the scope of this unique system to facilitate the dispensing of additional types of micro fibre products.

Modern microfibres are used in a wide range of manufacturing industries, from textiles to construction materials.

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News article published May 2012