The production of the companies "Atlas Walling"and standard dense blocks is known as semi dry concrete production. The addition of water and compaction is critical to the density and hence quality of the end product. This had previously been monitored by randomly hand selecting blocks from the production line and check weighing.

PWS were asked to devise a system for weighing every cycle from the press thereby giving constant production monitoring which would ensure quality control and reduce wastage. This took the form of a bespoke weighing assembly attached to the de-elevator which extracts the blocks from the press.

A remote digital display installed in the control room includes a high density beacon which will flash if a particular tray of blocks is underweight. The beacon acts as the eyes of the operator and can be readily spotted from the production or mixer area if the machine is in auto and the operator away from the controls. Equally when in the control room the operator can monitor the digital display and see if there is a trend occurring and correct the production controls “in flight” to maintain quality.

David Glenn, Managing Director at Huntsmans said "Working with PWS was a breath of fresh air. They took time to understand our requirements and devised and installed a system that was a great success and greatly appreciated by the operators as an invaluable piece of equipment"


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News article published June 2009