A tight program to supply an initial 200 WaterWatch systems was rolled out over a four month period.   PWS assisted with an operator training session and fitting demonstration at five regional locations nationwide, enabling the customer to then retro-fit the units to their remaining truckmixers in-house.

The order came as a result of a WaterWatch system being trialled on a truckmixer operating from a local plant.  Within a few weeks of the system being installed, it became apparent that noticeably less water was being added to the concrete on site and that all water addition was being methodically recorded on delivery tickets. 

The mixer operator commented that having the WaterWatch on his truck was a real benefit, helping him to enforce the fact that all added water must be signed for by the customer.

A spokesman for Bardon’s Technical Department has praised the WaterWatch as a valuable tool in helping to maintain the high standards of quality achieved by Bardon Concrete.

Bardon Concrete have now incorporated WaterWatch into their specification for all new truckmixers.  Truck dealers are purchasing the WaterWatch package directly from PWS to install on new trucks as they are introduced into the national mixer fleet.


News article published August 2008