Gravel Wash Systems

A driver-operated system for the remote washout of concrete mixer trucks using a pre-determined amount of course aggregate. The aggregate can be returned to stock and re-used the following day. The plant operater no longer needs to wait for trucks to return to the plant to wash out, keeping staffing hours to a minimum, in line with the Working Time Directive.

Each driver has his own key which, when inserted, will remotely start the compressor, batch belt, weigh-up and discharge sequences. Status lights on the control panel indicate each step of the process and the key is removed when the cycle is complete. An emergency stop button is provided for safety, in the case of unforseen events. Customers who have installed this system have seen a drastic reduction in both water usage and waste material.

Wash Water Systems

In order to control the (sometimes excessive) amount of wash water used by mixertruck operators, this system permits each driver to have a specified amount of water in order to wash his/her truck at the end of the day. Each driver has a unique PIN number, which, when entered will dispense a pre-determined quantity into the truck from a standpipe. After one dose of water has been dispensed, the PIN number becomes invalid for a pre-determined time interval. This system has been proven to give significant environmental and cost savings.

Gravel Wash System

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