Concrete mixes are designed to a high specification, batched to a fine tolerance using state of the art technology, all ingredients closely monitored and recorded, delivered to site, then……. The end user decides to add vast, untraceable, amounts of water to the mix to make it easier to lay!

Unfortunately this (common) practice can result in a non-conforming product with significantly reduced strength and durability properties. Retrospective compressive strength tests may fail and ultimately the supplier could receive a claim for a substandard product.


WaterWatch is a non-intrusive monitoring system which will record all on-site water added to the mix from the truck’s water tank, along with date and time of addition.

Easy to install, the unit simply bolts onto the rear of the truckmixer and requires a 24 volt supply from the ignition. A replacement flowmeter and full installation kit is also included.

Data is stored in Excel spreadsheet format and is easily transferred to a PC. Over five thousand transactions can be stored in memory, after that the system will overwrite the oldest data.

There are several versions of WaterWatch currently available…

Stores over five thousand water additions to memory, downloadable using a laptop and serial lead. This version requires a free issue software program to download.

Simply insert a USB data stick to retrieve the data, once downloaded all on-board data is erased.

A built in GSM modem automatically transmits WaterWatch data, daily, to a pre-determined email address or to a secure area of our website.

This is a secure database on our website, where WaterWatch-GSM data is stored. Authorised users can log in at any time to retrieve information of all site added water for their trucks registered on the system. Users have complete control and manipulation of data stored. The system will also alert when excessive water additions are recorded. Please feel free to log in as a guest user to explore this unique management tool.


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Latest WaterWatch News

Leading Concrete supplier takes delivery of over 200 WaterWatch-232 systems.

PWS have secured an order from Bardon Concrete to supply over 200 WaterWatch-232 monitoring systems for installation on their national truckmixer fleet.

A tight program to supply an initial 200 WaterWatch systems was rolled out over a four month period. PWS assisted with an operator training session and fitting demonstration at five regional locations nationwide, enabling the customer to then retro-fit the units to their remaining truckmixers in-house.

The order came as a result of a WaterWatch system being trialled on a truckmixer operating from a local plant. Within a few weeks of the system being installed, it became apparent that noticeably less water was being added to the concrete on site and that all water addition was being methodically recorded on delivery tickets.

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